Ladder taken upstairs in preparation for rain awning

The ladder, resting in the intermediate chamber. From here up to the bell chamber was easy; it was getting it through the trapdoor to this level that was tough.

The tower’s yellow 20′ ladder, recently used to remount the rope bosses in the ringing chamber, can be taken up to the bell chamber, it was demonstrated today.  It is a very tight fit, especially through the hatch into the intermediate chamber, but with rope and determination it can be done by one person.

Next we will test whether it can be leaned against all four corners above the bells, to support someone mounting hardware to support a rain awning over the bells.

Rain awning to deflect rain and spray dripping from the louver chamber above the bells. Three corners of the awning will be high and the fourth lower and reverse-folded, to direct water into a drainpipe down to the bell chamber gutter at the north-west corner (where there is the most clearance among the bells). Dimensions above the bell chamber ledge are approximate, as no one has been able to get that high safely to take measurements. The old galvanized raincatcher, rusted through and ineffective, is not shown.


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