New ringers class · 2012Apr13Fr

Twenty-second class for new ringer Carroll.  For the first time she is able to ring both strokes without assistance.  Her form is not reliable and calm yet but she is able to keep her bell up indefinitely for the first time.

She raised and lowered the 2 to the first coil several times, focusing on rotating her hands out slightly and rolling her arms outward slightly as she pulls.  She was not able to pull her shoulder blades together, and may acquire some of those rubber “bands” that are used in exercising those muscles.

Before the next class she will work on closing all ten fingers instantly, around a rolled towel to provide resistance.

Fifteenth class for new ringer Nancy.  A breakthrough today:  her handstroke follow-through has improved dramatically, and her ringing is suddenly much calmer.  She is flicking her left wrist and pointing the rope down to the floor, so the rope is rising vertically most of the time now.  She is getting her right hand much closer to her left for the pickup, and is working on keeping it on her left after the release or getting it to land on top of her left at the bottom of the stroke.

She raised and lowered the 2 to the first coil, then raised the 2 completely (with assistance), focusing on pulling her shoulder blades together and rolling her arms outward as she pulls.

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is 3:45 Tu 17 Apr.  Next class for Barbara and Eoin is Su 15 Apr.