Peal attempt · 2012Apr21Sa

Saturday’s peal attempt (Surprise Major, combining I believe four different Surprise methods) was originally scheduled for 1:30pm, but one of the ringers was unable to ring and the ringer who offered to substitute needed to leave Miami to return home before 4:30 when the peal attempt would have concluded.  It was rescheduled for 10:30am.

The band pulled off into rounds at 10:28, began the first touch at 10:29, and unfortunately had to be called to stand at 12:33 after two hours and four minutes of ringing.  A call to transition from one Surprise method to another had been missed, and no one noticed until the end of the lead.  At that point it was impossible to correct the error.  In order to be “true” a peal must not repeat any row (permutation) of bells, and the ringers might already have done so unknowingly;  even if they had not, there was no way to come up with calls on the fly that would keep the band in the set of rows that had not yet been rung.