Service ringing · 2012Apr22Su

Twelve ringers for at least part of the ringing:  visitors Alex, Bill, Carolyn, Quilla, Rob, and Ross and Miami ringers Judy, Kemp, Marguerite, Pamela, and Thomas, plus visitor Brian from England who happened to be in Miami today.  Service ringing usually comprises less than half an hour of ringing, but in honor of the visitors and of Earth Day we rang a full hour before the 10am service, an hour beginning at 11:15 after that service and before the last service at 12:15pm, and two hours starting at 1:30pm after the last service.

During the last service, the ringers lunched in the parish hall on food prepared by Barbara.

The post-service ringing transitioned into a practice session with visitors helping local ringers, ranging from one-on-one coaching of new ringers to several courses of Kent Treble Bob for a few of the more senior Miami ringers, a method far more lofty than the Miami band can ring unassisted.  Barbara and Eoin joined us for that session, and potential ringers Liam and Carmen listened (Liam, 6, fell asleep to the sound of the bells).

Afterwards everyone scattered, some taking the remaining visitors to the airport for their flights or to the beach for a well-earned time in the sun.