New ringers class · 2012Apr24Tu

Twenty-fourth class for new ringer Carroll.  She needs to progress a bit faster if possible;  it’s time for both these new ringers to graduate.  Today’s focus was on cleaning up items noted by the visiting ringers.  Carroll made progress on getting all ten fingers around the sally, rather than leaving her left ring and little fingers around the tail only for a feeling of security.

Seventeenth class for new ringer Nancy.  She raised the 6 and did well.  One of the items noted by the visitors was foot placement;  Nancy tried keeping her right foot forward.  The focus was primarily on follow-through, especially after the handstroke.  She got it exactly right roughly a dozen times during the hour, but the rest of the time did not follow through and/or did not get her right hand atop her left for a clean pickup.

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is tentatively Fr 27 Apr.  Next class for Barbara and Eoin is We 26 Apr.