First eyebolt for rain awning

The first eyebolt and its rope loop.

The southeast corner above the ledge, with the new eyebolt, rope loop, and cleat for securing the loop at a specific height. We may have to shift the light to keep it from melting the rope. The two upper cleats are for a safety rope while working.

The first eyebolt to support the planned rain awning was installed today.  The yellow 20′ ladder was taken up to the bell chamber, braced against the hatch rim and leaned over the 5, then extended out to reach the upper southeast corner below the rusted galvanized gutter.  When extended all the way to the upper corner, it cleared the bell and was supported against the wall.  A hole was drilled for an anchor just under the rusted gutter, 64″ above the ledge, and a stainless-steel eyebolt was anchored into the wall.

New ringers Carroll and Nancy held the ladder and helped;  this would not have been possible or safe for one person.  Everyone wore dust masks against the cloud of concrete dust from the drilling, and the dust under the hole was vacuumed up afterwards.

Now that we know how to do it, we can place an eyebolt in each of the remaining corners, then make and rig the awning.  The current plan is to run rope loops through each eyebolt, attach each corner of the awning to one of the rope loops, and loft the awning by pulling the four rope loops around.

Update:  A nylon cleat was mounted just above the ledge the next day for securing the new eyebolt’s rope loop.


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