Peal attempt · 2012Apr21Sa

Saturday’s peal attempt (Surprise Major, combining I believe four different Surprise methods) was originally scheduled for 1:30pm, but one of the ringers was unable to ring and the ringer who offered to substitute needed to leave Miami to return home before 4:30 when the peal attempt would have concluded.  It was rescheduled for 10:30am.

The band pulled off into rounds at 10:28, began the first touch at 10:29, and unfortunately had to be called to stand at 12:33 after two hours and four minutes of ringing.  A call to transition from one Surprise method to another had been missed, and no one noticed until the end of the lead.  At that point it was impossible to correct the error.  In order to be “true” a peal must not repeat any row (permutation) of bells, and the ringers might already have done so unknowingly;  even if they had not, there was no way to come up with calls on the fly that would keep the band in the set of rows that had not yet been rung.

Practice with visitors · 2012Apr20Fr

Ten ringers:  visitors Alex, Bill, Carolyn, Mike, and Ross, and Miami ringers Anne, Judy, Marguerite, Nancy, and Pamela.

After practice these ringers, plus visitors Ed, Ed’s wife Diane, and Quilla and Miami ringers Barbara, Ken, and Thomas enjoyed a covered dish supper at Rob’s.

Peal of Stedman Triples · 2012Apr20Fr

Today’s peal attempt was completed successfully, despite construction noise making it difficult to hear from about 10:45 onward.  The peal began at 9:02 and ended at noon, for a time of 2h58.  Ringers were Rob, Derek, Ross, Bill, Mike, Alex, Ed (conducting), Thomas (first peal).

Anne and Judy managed lunch for the ringers, a touch of the sabor Cubano from Pollo Tropical.

Bill, Alex, and Mike looked over the bells afterwards with Thomas and offered steeplekeeping advice, much appreciated.

New tower door

We have a new, termite-proof door now.  Jim included the replacement of our old door, which was just about ready to fall off, in the renovation work and it was installed this afternoon in time for tomorrow’s peal attempt.

[Photo of new door coming soon]

Renovation progress

The renovation of the Cathedral has reached the point at which the choir and the walls behind the altar are being heavily worked on (top and middle photos).

Several rows of pews have been removed, and sections of the walls that have been sawn out are being carried out and stacked on the patio before being trucked off for restoration (bottom photo).

Practice · 2012Apr17Tu

Six ringers present:  Anne, Barbara, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Thomas.  Anne trebled for the first time.  Barbara had come only to talk about preparations for the weekend of ringing, but since she was early for the meeting and we only had four bells going at that point, we had her join in to work on ringing in rounds.

  • Rounds on four.
  • Full-pull Plain Hunt on Three with tenor behind.
  • Long Places Right on 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 3 and 4.
  • Rounds on five.
  • Rounds on six.

New ringers class · 2012Apr17Tu

Twenty-third class for new ringer Carroll.  She is ringing both strokes together now, and can do so for an extended period of time.  She is working to clean up her technique so that her ringing is less exciting.  Focus is on the bottom of the handstroke.  It appears that she is unable to orient her left hand so the rope points down to the floor, so she is working to have it point down as far as it will.  She is also working on getting her right hand down, below her left and “atop it” with right hand heel on left hand base of thumb, and making a quick pickup.  She raised the 4 up to the first coil and lowered it back down.

Sixteenth class for new ringer Nancy.  She continues to ring both strokes together and is working to clean up her technique, particularly not throwing the handstroke out, the handstroke follow-through, angling her left hand so the rope points down (as she does for the backstroke follow-through), and getting her right hand down on her left for a clean pickup.  She raised the 2 up to the first coil and back down, then all the way up.

Next classes for all the learners will be next week, but the dates and times are to be determined.

New ringers class · 2012Apr15Su

Twenty-second class for new ringer Barbara.  She is ringing both strokes well.  She set the 2 five times in sequence (back-hand-back-hand-back).  She also practiced raising.

Twenty-first class for new ringer Eoin.  Today’s class focused almost entirely on raising and lowering, with attention to good form to develop strength in the needed muscles.

Next class for Barbara and Eoin is to be determined, as they have a commitment for We and the weekend of ringing has a ringing session during their Su class time.  Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Tu 17 Apr at 5:15.