Two more eyebolts for rain awning

Eyebolt in SW corner

Eyebolt in NE corner

The second and third stainless steel eyebolts to support the rain awning were installed today, in the SW and NE corners.  Each was anchored 64″ above the bell chamber ledge, at the same height as the first in the SE corner.  This is 11’4″ above the bell chamber floor, just under what’s left of the rusting galvanized raincatcher.  We hauled the yellow ladder up from the intermediate chamber and leaned it over the 7 for the SW corner and the 3 for the NE corner.  Only one side of the ladder could lean against the wall due to the angle, so we wedged it against a corner and one person stood on the foot of the ladder while the other climbed, drilled, anchored, and ran ropes through the eyebolts.  Many thanks to Nancy without whom this would not have been safe or even possible.

The eyebolts in the NW corner, the low corner of the awning, can be anchored without using a ladder, and will be installed over the next several days.