New ringers class · 2012May08Tu

Twenty-fifth class for new ringer Carroll.  We are glad to welcome her back after a short illness.  Her rope control continues to be phenomenal, with the rope flowing down like a stream of water and back up along the same line.  For the future it would be good to nail down a couple of flaws before the habits become even more strongly ingrained:

  • Her right hand drifts off to the side after the release and opens out flat;  she would be better served if it came down atop her left hand and picked up the tail immediately.
  • All ten fingers should be around the sally.  She still leaves her left ring and little fingers around the tail for most catches.

Nineteenth class for new ringer Nancy.  Nancy raised and lowered the 2 and the 4 several times, worked on setting the bell over and over, and rang and rang.  She needs to work on lowering;  she successfully lowers, but it’s needlessly messy and not safe without a spotter (she dropped the rope on the floor entirely at one point).  Points to work on:

  • Crawl up the tail gradually;  no leaps.  The left hand must crawl up too.
  • Keep the hands together (right atop left) except when the left is taking a coil.  Never, never invert the right hand.
  • Practice taking coils with the left hand only.  Leave the right hand free to control the working part of the rope.

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is to be determined;  possibly on Th.