“Where to Look” program

Many of the local ringers do not know where to look when they are ringing Plain Bob or even Plain Hunt, and so they miss out on getting (and giving) a lot of helpful information:

  • Getting visual cues for the proper timing of their blows, to mesh with where the other ringers will be striking.
  • Getting cues to confirm where they are in the pattern or set them right if they get lost, so that they know (for example) that they should be about to Dodge 3-4 Up.
  • Giving visual cues to the ringers around them by looking at a particular bell, to help lost ringers find their way and conductors figure out what’s going wrong.

Because we rarely have the luxury of enough experienced ringers present for even one or two to stand behind rather than ring, and because our practices are so short, the local band hasn’t made much progress in knowing where to look.

The newly-published “Where to Look” web page may help those who are motivated to improve.  It presents a software simulation of what’s going on and where you should look during Plain Hunt, Plain Bob, and other basic methods.  Instructions are provided on the page.  Go to the page, click on the  button, and try it out.