Extra Practice · 2012May17Th

Four ringers:  Carroll, Jody, Nancy, Thomas.

Carroll worked on getting all ten fingers around the sally and on bringing her right hand down on her left after the release.  She made good progress on both there, and should have been pushed hard about them earlier.  She continues to have a good clean ringing motion in general.

Jody worked on raising and lowering.  She raised and lowered the 4 and the 6 several times each (I lost count).  She has good control in both directions, particularly for lowering, and brings her bell up or down steadily.  Her form is a bit sloppy when raising, and she will raise with less effort once she cleans up her pull and extends fully at the bottom.  She should work towards feeling that her right thumb is pushing the rope down at the bottom of her backstroke, and then develop that motion and feeling fully.

Nancy worked on rope control and on raising and lowering.  She struggles to take coils cleanly when lowering and will practice at home with a practice rope (she took home a second one as the first one has temporarily strayed).  Her ringing motion continues to be quite good and she is motivated to polish out the remaining rough spots, which is great and will do her a lot of good.