New ringers class · 2012May18Fr

Twentieth class for new ringer Nancy.  She raised and lowered the 2 and 4 a total of around a dozen times, and also worked on her ringing motion.  She is getting to the point of being able to raise and lower without a spotter.  Her ringing has reached the point where she is improving on her own.  Her raising/lowering and ringing are quite good, though of course they could advantageously improve yet more.  She will want to improve them more in order to handle larger bells without fuss, for one thing.

Points for further attention:

  • Taking a coil.  She took a coil very well once, quickly and without fuss;  now she needs to make all her coil-taking that way.  In general she needs to remember to keep her right hand in place on the rope and steering the rope up and down, and to take the coil with her left hand only.  The left hand’s motion can be quite small:  just turn the wrist enough to start the coil forming, and catch onto the rope just under the right hand when it comes down.
  • Vertical rope, with a loop that swells out from waist-level down.  There are many ways for this not to happen, including throwing out (at various heights), angling the pull in or out, or rotating the wrists too fast or too slow to produce the swelling loop.
  • Pull the bottoms of the shoulder blades together, and feel like the shoulders want to rotate outward.