Service ringing · 2012May20Su

Four ringers:  Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.

  • Jody and Marguerite rang up two bells each.
  • Whole-pull Plain Hunt on Three with tenor behind.
  • Whole-pull Plain Hunt on Four.
  • Rang down in grand cacophony.

A ringer raised the question of what to do when one gets lost?  The simple answer is “pull immediately” because waiting too long only gets everyone else lost too, whereas going ahead and pulling gives one more time to get unlost.  Another ringer may call out “3, lead!” if the 3 (for example) is lost and should lead on the next stroke.  Then if the ringer of the 3 knows that two-stroke leads consist of a handstroke and a backstroke, he or she may be able to put themselves right by leading, then coming out of leads into 2nds on the correct stroke (which will be a handstroke).

Another piece of advice that may be shouted is “3, follow your course bell down!” or (if the 3 is unlikely to know his/her course bell) “3, follow the 4 down!” (for example).  The 3 should respond by

  1. hunting in;
  2. watching how many places ahead his/her course bell is (should be 2 places until the course bell leads);
  3. when his/her course bell is only one place ahead (this should occur on a backstroke) prepare to ring the next blow (a handstroke) in leads and slow down to rounds speed for the backstroke blow in leads.