New ringers class · 2012May29Tu

26th class for new ringer Carroll.  Focus was on fixing the remaining issues, many of which are interrelated:

  • Left wrist angled to align the grip on sally or rope vertically, or left fingers adjusted to accomplish the same goal.
    1. All ten fingers around the sally.
    2. The tail always on the ringer’s side of the sally.
  • Fast follow-through after the release, both hands.
    1. Hands stay in the plane of the rope.
    2. Right hand on left for the pickup.
    3. Wrists stay aligned in the plane of the rope.
    4. No wrist twist or sideways hand movement during the follow-through, so that the loop of rope does not swing out to one side and then the other.
  • Vertical motion, no throwing out;  rotate the wrists at whatever speed keeps the flow of the rope vertical above the hands and bellying out below the hands.

While this is a long list, they are interrelated so that making just a few basic improvements will wrap up all of them.

Carroll raised and lowered the 2 to the first coil.

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Th 31 May.