New ringers class · 2012Jun01Fr

27th class for new ringer Carroll.  First she raised the 2 all the way, then rested.

She has been working on the same issues for a long time now without much to show.  Today some progress on keeping the right hand on the left, using the following exercise:

  1. Instead of “Look to — treble’s going — she’s gone” she said what she was going to accomplish, which she phrased something like “Right hand on left”.
  2. Pull off and devote all concentration to keeping the right hand on the left.
  3. Instructor takes the handstroke and sets the bell.

This produced results, finally.  After about a dozen repetitions of this exercise, she rang a few dozen strokes and was able to keep her right hand on her left.

Now we have to think of something comparable for the complex of problems manifesting themselves as not all ten fingers around the sally.

22nd class for new ringer Nancy.  She worked mostly on her own after raising the 4, focusing on repeatedly setting the bell.  A finger got wrenched last class and was still sore, so she stopped after about half an hour.

Next class for both is Tu 5 Jun.