Early Practice · 2012Jun05Tu

Anne, Carroll, Nancy, and Thomas were present from the beginning.  Nancy worked on raising and particularly lowering;  she took several coils splendidly, so fast we could hardly see it happen, and some other coils not nearly so cleanly, but they were all safe even if they weren’t pretty so she’s ready to lower without a spotter.  When it was suggested she aim to set her bell five times in a row, she did so immediately, after which Anne commented “That’s good, but now he’ll just ask you for ten times in a row” and Nancy immediately set eleven times in a row, thereby graduating.

Andrew arrived and with four safe ringers (Andrew, Anne, Nancy, Thomas) we rang several sessions of rounds.  Anne rang her rounds quite well and Nancy rang very well for her level, with more than a few rows well struck by all four ringers.