New ringers class · 2012Jun05Tu

28th class for new ringer Carroll.  This class was very focused:  on getting the right hand on the left after the release and pointing both hands down toward the floor.  She can do it when she concentrates but it appears to take all her concentration.

Later, during Early Practice, returned ringer Andrew, back for a visit, worked with Carroll and got good results from a different direction, focusing on:

  • The rhythm of the motion, particularly on getting up to the catch soon enough.
  • Pull the handstroke (it’s short) but be gentle on the backstroke (it’s long).
  • Point both thumbs at the floor at the bottom of each stroke.
  • Don’t slap your hip with your right hand (you know your hip is there without slapping it), get it on your left hand and the rope at the bottom of the handstroke
  • All ten fingers around the sally;  don’t fear that the tail will get away.