Practice · 2012Jun19Tu

Four ringers:  Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Thomas.  Marguerite and Thomas raised 23456, in expectation of a fifth ringer.

We rang Plain Hunt on Four.  A ringer commented that we often practice something for a few minutes, then move on to something else before all the ringers have really understood and internalized what we were doing.  The band was inspired to counter this by ringing Plain Hunt for the entire hour.  We rotated one bell over three times so everyone rang in every place.  Before each rotation we rang Whole Pull then Stand to mark the change, until all bells stood together.  The last time we all stood together on the first attempt.

We finished up by ringing down in peal.  Partway down we shifted from 1234 to 1324, then kept in that sequence to the bottom, so it sounded mellifluous even if not in rounds.