Rain awning made and installed

Cutting and taping the awning in the parish hall

Lofting the awning in the bell chamber

The rain awning in place over the bells

A rain awning now hangs above the bells.  Tonight’s storm will give it its first test.

After several rounds of taking measurements and trying the awning’s rope harness for size, the dimensions seemed reliable enough to construct the awning.  The parish hall was reserved for the day to give space to lay out everything.  The rope harness was taped to the floor first, in the configuration it was expected to have when lofted in the bell chamber.  Next the 1mil plastic sheet was run under the ropes, cut to size, and taped to the ropes with duct tape.The awning was bundled into a surprisingly small lump and carried up to the bell chamber, where it was lofted into place without incident.

If another awning needs to be made:

  • heavier plastic sheeting should be used;  1mil is so thin it is difficult to avoid damaging the awning.
  • Also, the complicated V-corner at the low corner did not turn out well and could be replaced by a simple pointed corner.
  • Finally, the diagonal dimension did not turn out well;  the SE corner had to be given about 5″ more out from the wall in order for the awning to hang without any low spots that would collect water.

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