Early Practice · 2012Jun12Tu

Three ringers, Carroll, Nancy, and Thomas, joined by Andrew about 6:15. Carroll raised twice and Nancy either three or four times. Nancy worked on lowering and taking coils. Carroll worked on ringing. Nancy’s sister Jennifer, visiting from Marin County, pulled off several times. Andrew coached Carroll for a while.

Jubilee Evensong · 2012Jun10Su

Six ringers:  Jim, Jody, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Thomas.  The band rang after the Jubilee Evensong service in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

123456 were already up from this morning’s service ringing.

We rang the 36 Called Changes, called by Jim.  We finished up by standing in sequence (first the treble, then the 2, and so forth until the 6 rang alone and stood.  Finally we rang down, starting in peal and degenerating into every ringer for him/herself, then back into rounds near the bottom and finished off with a pause and one last blow in rounds.

Service ringing · 2012Jun10Su

Five ringers:  Barbara, Jim, Jody, Nancy, Thomas.  Barbara’s young son Liam played very quietly in the corner during the ringing.  We raised 123456.

  • Barbara raised four bells and Nancy two.
  • Rounds on four (3456).
  • Rounds on five (23456), moving ringers around to different bells at one point.
  • Full pull then stand.
  • Three strokes then stand.

No rain being predicted, we left the six bells up in preparation for tonight’s evensong service.

Electrical work in tower

(Jun 7) Cables brought in

The electricians have started connecting cables to the distribution boxes in the lower level of the tower. Cables from the trench outside have been run in and the boxes are being populated with breaker panels.

(Jun 11) Connecting cables to breakers

(June 8) Breaker panels in place

Practice · 2012Jun05Tu

Seven ringers:  Andrew, Jody, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Nancy, Thomas.  Carroll observed.  We raised 123456.

  • Rounds on six with Nancy on the 4.
  • Plain Hunt on Five, Jody on the treble.
  • Plain Bob Minimus with tenor behind.
  • Plain Bob Doubles with tenor behind.
  • After Andrew left, the band practiced Call Changes in preparation for the Jubilee Evensong.
  • Rang down in grand cacophony.

After practice some of the ringers adjourned to a nearby pub.

Early Practice · 2012Jun05Tu

Anne, Carroll, Nancy, and Thomas were present from the beginning.  Nancy worked on raising and particularly lowering;  she took several coils splendidly, so fast we could hardly see it happen, and some other coils not nearly so cleanly, but they were all safe even if they weren’t pretty so she’s ready to lower without a spotter.  When it was suggested she aim to set her bell five times in a row, she did so immediately, after which Anne commented “That’s good, but now he’ll just ask you for ten times in a row” and Nancy immediately set eleven times in a row, thereby graduating.

Andrew arrived and with four safe ringers (Andrew, Anne, Nancy, Thomas) we rang several sessions of rounds.  Anne rang her rounds quite well and Nancy rang very well for her level, with more than a few rows well struck by all four ringers.