Electrical work in tower

(Jun 7) Cables brought in

The electricians have started connecting cables to the distribution boxes in the lower level of the tower. Cables from the trench outside have been run in and the boxes are being populated with breaker panels.

(Jun 11) Connecting cables to breakers

(June 8) Breaker panels in place

Practice · 2012Jun05Tu

Seven ringers:  Andrew, Jody, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Nancy, Thomas.  Carroll observed.  We raised 123456.

  • Rounds on six with Nancy on the 4.
  • Plain Hunt on Five, Jody on the treble.
  • Plain Bob Minimus with tenor behind.
  • Plain Bob Doubles with tenor behind.
  • After Andrew left, the band practiced Call Changes in preparation for the Jubilee Evensong.
  • Rang down in grand cacophony.

After practice some of the ringers adjourned to a nearby pub.

Early Practice · 2012Jun05Tu

Anne, Carroll, Nancy, and Thomas were present from the beginning.  Nancy worked on raising and particularly lowering;  she took several coils splendidly, so fast we could hardly see it happen, and some other coils not nearly so cleanly, but they were all safe even if they weren’t pretty so she’s ready to lower without a spotter.  When it was suggested she aim to set her bell five times in a row, she did so immediately, after which Anne commented “That’s good, but now he’ll just ask you for ten times in a row” and Nancy immediately set eleven times in a row, thereby graduating.

Andrew arrived and with four safe ringers (Andrew, Anne, Nancy, Thomas) we rang several sessions of rounds.  Anne rang her rounds quite well and Nancy rang very well for her level, with more than a few rows well struck by all four ringers.

New ringers class · 2012Jun05Tu

28th class for new ringer Carroll.  This class was very focused:  on getting the right hand on the left after the release and pointing both hands down toward the floor.  She can do it when she concentrates but it appears to take all her concentration.

Later, during Early Practice, returned ringer Andrew, back for a visit, worked with Carroll and got good results from a different direction, focusing on:

  • The rhythm of the motion, particularly on getting up to the catch soon enough.
  • Pull the handstroke (it’s short) but be gentle on the backstroke (it’s long).
  • Point both thumbs at the floor at the bottom of each stroke.
  • Don’t slap your hip with your right hand (you know your hip is there without slapping it), get it on your left hand and the rope at the bottom of the handstroke
  • All ten fingers around the sally;  don’t fear that the tail will get away.

New ringer Nancy graduates

Nancy is a learner no longer;  she is now safe to ring without a spotter.  Nancy began learning to ring at the end of January and required about two dozen classes to reach this point.  Instead of classes she will henceforth come to Early Practice and Extra Practice to work on specific skills, and stay on for regular practice where she will continue working on ringing rounds, then move on to call changes, tenoring behind, and so forth on the way to ringing methods.

Congratulations, Nancy, and welcome to the band!

Tower A/C working again

Jim sent a message that the air conditioning for the tower is fixed and working again.  It had been out for about five days, during which time we were reminded forcefully that in Miami the tower A/C is not a luxury but a virtual necessity.  It turned out to have been due to several faults, each new one discovered only when the preceding one was repaired.  We thank Jim for riding herd on the process.

All eight bells for service ringing · 2012Jun03Fr

Eight ringers:  Anne, Barbara, Eoin, Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.  A splendid turnout despite no A/C, and some admirable ringing;  we had all eight bells going for some twenty minutes.  Anne, Barbara, and Eoin arrived at 9:00 and raised the 2 through the 8, then took turns ringing the 8;  first time for all of them.  Now that we have more ringers, the new ringers are working on ringing the heavier bells so they can tenor and cover.

  • Rounds on eight.
  • Plain Hunt on Four with two covers.
  • Plain Hunt on Four with tenor behind.

We then lowered the bells quickly to have all down by the beginning of the service.

New ringers class · 2012Jun01Fr

27th class for new ringer Carroll.  First she raised the 2 all the way, then rested.

She has been working on the same issues for a long time now without much to show.  Today some progress on keeping the right hand on the left, using the following exercise:

  1. Instead of “Look to — treble’s going — she’s gone” she said what she was going to accomplish, which she phrased something like “Right hand on left”.
  2. Pull off and devote all concentration to keeping the right hand on the left.
  3. Instructor takes the handstroke and sets the bell.

This produced results, finally.  After about a dozen repetitions of this exercise, she rang a few dozen strokes and was able to keep her right hand on her left.

Now we have to think of something comparable for the complex of problems manifesting themselves as not all ten fingers around the sally.

22nd class for new ringer Nancy.  She worked mostly on her own after raising the 4, focusing on repeatedly setting the bell.  A finger got wrenched last class and was still sore, so she stopped after about half an hour.

Next class for both is Tu 5 Jun.