2012 Fall ringing class

Are you interested in learning to ring?  Contact us!  We plan to run another sequence of classes in September, and are looking for two to four new learners.   Update: one learner lined up so far. 

Learners will attend two Saturdays in a row (Sep 15 and 22) and ring all day long with a break for lunch (syllabus).  We’ll assess each learner’s progress and needs and schedule additional sessions as needed.  Learners have typically needed 12 to 20 hours of instruction before being ready to ring in a group. Update: The first classes are completed. We would still like to start another new ringer or two; contact us if you are interested, and let’s see what we can work out.

(If you are interested but can’t make those Saturdays, contact us so we can see whether something else can be arranged.)

  1. 2012Sep15Sa class
  2. 2012Sep22Sa class

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