Miami ringer rings at Christ Church Dublin

Miami ringer Eoin reports from Dublin, Ireland that he rang at the 2012Jul20Fr practice at the Christ Church tower.  26 ringers attended the two-hour practice.

The tower there has a total of 19 bells for change ringing, the largest ring in the world, though not all 19 would be rung at once as they are not all in the same scale (see diagram at right).  The bells support peals of 12 (an octave plus a fifth) in 3 keys (B, C#, F#) as well as two peals of 14 (B major and C# major) and one of 16 (B major), and are described in Dove’s Guide as in B, plus 6#, 9#, and 13#.  Keeping in mind that bells are numbered from the highest pitch downward, this would be the set of pitches illustrated at right, with blue for B major, red for C# major, and green for F# major.  The peal of 14 in C# major probably sounds a bit awkward, as it runs from low B to high A#.

We look forward to hearing more about his experiences when Eoin returns in a few weeks.

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