Rain awning drain pipe

The drain pipe for the rain awning has been permanently mounted in place.  Until now, it was tied more or less in place with rope;  now it is attached securely with proper mounting brackets.

From top to bottom, it comprises:

  1. A red funnel to catch all the rainwater draining off the awning.
  2. A reduction coupling, the biggest I could find, but not big enough to catch everything (thus the funnel).
  3. Vertical section of pipe, mounted to the bell chamber ledge with two pipe brackets.
  4. An angled section of pipe to carry the water out to the wall, away from the bell frame.
  5. (Out of sight below) A vertical section of pipe to send the water to the drain channel below.  At the bottom this section of pipe ends with an angled cut so it won’t get blocked by debris.

(The thinner pipe to the right is the drain for the galvanized gutter put up years ago to catch the rain, now severely rusted, slowly falling to bits, and leaking like a sieve.)