Extra Practice · 2012Aug10Fr

Three ringers:  Judy, Nancy, Thomas.

  • Raising and lowering.
  • Ringing form.  Nancy achieved what for me is the sign of the ideal vertical motion:  the hairpin loop at the bottom of the backstroke, in which the rope flows down vertically to the spot where the ringer’s wrists flipped, then swells out into a loop toward the floor, with the bend at wrist-flip height staying stationary while the rope continues in motion flowing through the bend on its way down.  This can only occur if the ringer pulls in an exactly vertical line with no throwing out, and follows through with an appropriate wrist flip at the bottom.  She attributed it to the suggestion of rotating one’s forearms and shoulders during the first part of the pull, with the elbows coming toward each other and the hands making a slight wringing motion on the sally as the forearms approach parallel, which had also worked for Eoin at this stage.
    Nancy was able to produce the hairpin loop fairly often and it will no doubt become completely consistent with some more practice.  Brava!
  • Plain Bob theory, discussed quietly while Nancy practiced, using Singles with tenor behind as the starting point and generalizing up to Minimus, Doubles, and so on.  We used the Plain Hunt on Four and Plain Bob Minimus cylinders as visual aids, which seemed helpful.

Extra Practice may go back to its usual Thursday beginning next week.