The 6’s rope boss reattached

The 6’s rope boss came loose at Tuesday’s practice.  Two of the three anchors securing it to the ceiling pulled loose, leaving it dangling precariously.  We lowered the bell carefully so as not to break the rim of the wooden boss where the remaining screw was securing it, as had happened with the treble’s rope boss when it fell in 2008.

This boss, along with the others, had been reinstalled in April.  Two of the holes for this boss’s anchors are irregular, enlarged, and not perpendicular, so standard-sized anchors won’t hold in them.  The old anchors were re-used, and this is what pulled out four months later.  All three anchors were replaced with new ones.  The anchors for the two irregular holes were wrapped with a single layer of duct tape to make them fit tightly enough;  one anchor was wrapped nearly all the way around, and the other, for a slightly smaller hole, roughly half way around.

The other rope bosses were checked while the ladder was set up and they appear to be secure.  We’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

No ringers made themselves available to help by holding the ladder for safety so other help had to be obtained.


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