Extra Practice · 2012Aug17Fr

Three ringers:  Anne, Nancy, Thomas.

Nancy raised and lowered the 2 over and over.  Focus was on:

  • Taking safe quick coils.  She needs to leave her left hand at her belt buckle and bring her right hand down on top of it to make each coil.
  • Backstroke followthrough when raising.  For the last few inches of an efficacious backstroke the ringer should feel that the right thumb is pushing the rope down.
  • Not having her loop sweep out to the side as she makes the catch;  it occasionally swings out far enough to alarm the ringer to her left, and is a safety issue.

Anne worked on reaching in to take control when teaching a student, in several contexts:

  • Student is pulling off only.
  • Student is handling backstrokes only.
  • Student is doing handstrokes only.
  • Student is pulling both strokes.

The teacher’s eyes are on the student’s hands all the time, and the teacher’s right hand moves up and down parallel to the rope about a foot out to be prepared in case a quick reach in is needed.

All three rang some Call Changes.  When leading, one is pulling after the last bell but on the opposite stroke (in contrast to following, when one pulls on the same stroke), and when moving into leads one transitions from following someone on the same stroke to leading off someone on the opposite stroke.

  • Anne volunteered up to look into getting the tower listed in the newspaper and on the radio.
  • Nancy volunteered to bring in a package of hair things as an emergency stash for long-haired ringers who forget something to keep their hair back out of the way.