Service ringing · 2012Aug19Su

Nine ringers:  Anne, Barbara, Eoin, Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Nancy, Thomas.  We raised all eight bells.

At the wish of the Dean, ringing began a few minutes later than usual.  We muffled the 2 at 9:00 and worked with it;  Nancy raised it and worked on ringing form, then Thomas and Barbara worked on how a teacher interacts when a student is ringing, focusing on reaching in when necessary.  Unfortunately, the ringing chamber clock stopped at 9:10 and no one noticed until about 9:25.  Thomas rang the 2 down quickly and unmuffled it, and everyone started raising.

  • Rounds on Eight, with four newer ringers spaced out among four more experienced to give everyone a steadier framework.  It is such a joy to have enough ringers for all eight.
  • Rounds on Six, with two newer ringers and four senior ringers, on the heavy six (345678).  The rounds on six were steadier, as is typically the case when only a few newer ringers ring at once.
  • At this point the ninth ringer arrived, giving us five experienced ringers, so we changed to Rounds on Six with one junior ringer in at a time.  Each junior ringer rang until the rhythm settled, then another junior ringer was rotated in, and so forth.  After each junior ringer had one turn, we went through the rotation again, but this time calling up the next junior ringer while the band was standing, getting started quickly, and ringing only a dozen or so pulls before standing to rotate in the next one.
  • For our “show” ringing immediately before the service, we moved to the light six (123456) with the five senior ringers (Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas) and the junior ringer who had been steadiest this morning (Anne), and rang the 36 Call Changes, called down by Jim, until it was time to lower.  We made it through about the first 30, then Jim called us into rounds.
  • We rang a few strokes of rounds, then started lowering when it was called and rang down quickly.