Cylinder diagrams

The Miami tower has two new visual aids:  diagrams for Plain Hunt and Plain Bob Minimus rolled into cylinders to show how a lead of Plain Bob moves each working bell from its initial place to another place, in contrast to Plain Hunt which brings each bell back to its original place.  It’s a bit easier to see in the form of a cylinder, and appears to be thought-provoking judging by the way ringers pick them up and look intently while rotating them.

These cylinders are for Plain Hunt on Four and Plain Bob Minimus  Similar cylinders could be made for any other principle or method of interest, and any number of bells of interest.  Here are links to pdfs from which you can print the diagrams for Plain Hunt and Plain Bob and roll your own if you wish.  (We printed them in color on card stock, cut the diagram at the center of the second lead end backstroke so the ends would match up once rolled, worked them over a table’s edge to curl them a bit, then rolled them and taped the end in place with transparent tape.  A black-and-white printer would work too, though it would be harder to see which color-coded bell was going where, and regular paper though less durable would produce just as good a cylinder.)