Service ringing · 2012Aug26Su

Four resolute ringers braved the wind and rain:  Jody, Judy, Nancy, Thomas.  We raised 1234.  The ropes were very stiff from the moisture in the air, but loosened up a bit after we started ringing.

The tower air conditioner was not working.  Jim said the rain had shorted the circuit breaker.  We opened two of the ringing chamber windows a few inches for ventilation, and took down everything hanging loose on the walls (like the “Look to — Treble’s going — She’s gone” sign) because most of it blew off the hooks immediately anyway.  We did not open the tower’s sound louvers due to the heavy wind and rain.

  • Rounds on Four.
  • Places on 2-3 and 1-2, standing from time to time and rotating ringers to different places so several could lead.  Nancy tenored throughout.  The striking improved notably as we worked on making 1324 or 2134 as even as 1234 (and on making 1234 even).
  • Rang down in grand cacophony.  We ended up in rounds at the bottom so we rounded off with 3-2-1-miss-chime as if we had rung down in peal.

The bell chamber was dry as a bone.  Water had been coming in above in quantity, because the rust dust that had settled out from previous lighter rains had been moved closer to the awning’s exit, and some larger rust flakes (up to ¼” or 6mm) were visible.  The bell chamber floor was dry to the touch and no water was visible on the frame, bells, or mechanism.

We closed everything back up tight before we left.  All bells were rung down, as always.