Tower OK after tropical storm

The bell tower came through the storm with minor damage.  The bells and mechanism were unaffected.

  • Power is out in the Cathedral area as of early Tuesday morning;  the stoplight at 15th Street and Bayside Drive is dark.  A generator on the patio is powering the workmen’s tools in the sanctuary.  Update:  Power was restored a little before 1pm.
  • As far as can be determined with a flashlight (later confirmed under brighter lights after power was restored), the bells were not affected.  There is no sign of water in the bell chamber.  The floor of the bell chamber is dry to the touch.
  • The floor of the intermediate chamber is damp from water blowing in the drainpipes, but there is no standing water and no damage evident.
  • The ringing chamber windows leaked as they usually do during a rain, and the plasterboard walls around the spiral staircase are sodden.  There is no evident damage in the ringing chamber itself.
  • Water came in under the tower door threshold during the storm, and the lower level of the tower is wet to damp.