Service ringing · 2012Sep02Su

Five ringers:  Barbara, Eoin, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.  The air conditioning was not working today.  We opened the windows and were grateful for any breeze.

  • Barbara, Eoin, and Margaret raised 123456.
  • Rounds on Four, then Five.  We rang for a bit, then rotated each ringer one bell to the right, with the treble’s ringer moving to the tenor.  The focus was on even striking, and for the treble on closing up to bring the backstrokes in rhythm with the handstrokes HHHHHBBBBB, and at the same time letting the handstroke rise to leave a one-beat pause before the first handstroke HHHHHBBBBB HHHHHBBBBB ….
  • Call Changes.
  • Rang down in grand cacophony.