Feature article in Herald

Today’s Miami Herald “Neighbors” section’s front page is covered with photographs of the bells and ringers, and inside is a two-page feature article is on the bell tower (2012Sep06Th).

There are a few errors that would probably only be noticed by the ringers (the lowest bell rings an F, and the highest rings an F an octave higher, for example) and a couple of misspelled words (“dring practic”).  All in all, it’s a favorable and informative article.  There are six photographs:  one of the tower, two of the bells, two of individual ringers and one of the entire band.  Barbara, Eoin, Judy, Nancy, and Thomas are quoted, and Jody, Ken, and Marguerite are mentioned by name.  It lists the blog’s URL and Rob’s phone number for more information;  unfortunately he’s out of town this week, but the blog lists Thomas’s email address so we’re covered for anyone who is reasonably persistent.

Many thanks to Nancy for starting the ball rolling and then following up to make sure it eventually happened.  We’ll hope the article (and the three paragraphs in last Thursday’s paper) will bring in some new learners for the tower.