New ringers class · 2012Sep11Tu

After a hiatus of several months, Carroll is beginning again from the beginning today.  Something never quite clicked for her earlier in the year, so this fresh start may be a blessing.

  • Basics.  LIght but constant tension in the rope;  long straight pull;  slower at the top, fastest at the bottom;  learn from what the bell tells you.  Don’t think too much, just enough.  Stay focused and in the moment.
  • Pulling off, feeling the bell cross the balance, even straight pull with right hand on left all the way down.
  • Backstrokes alone;  smooth pull, accelerating to the maximum speed at the bottom, hands lined up all the way through, all ten fingers around the rope;  no bending over as the hands come down;  let the bell rise, feel for the balance point, no overpulling.

Next class for Carroll is Sep13Th.