Early Practice · 2012Sep12We

Three ringers:  Anne, Judy, Thomas.  New learner Lynn visited the tower for the first time.

  • Anne worked on striking by ear in time with a metronome, with the goal of practicing hunting out and in speeds (that’s sometime in the future).  6-bell speed and beeps (197bpm, 6+6+1) proved difficult for Anne to synchronize with;  4-bell speed (shown at right;  155bpm, 4+4+1) seemed easier as a first step.  We use the “Tempo Advance” iPhone app which allows arbitrary patterns of several different tick sounds;  in the image at right, the repeated pattern is “tock tick tick tick tock tick tick tick silence“.

Anne, Judy, and Thomas took new learner Lynn through the first stages of the syllabus, so in essence tonight was her first class.  She did well and shows promise.

  • Safety.
  • Mechanics of the bells;  what’s going on upstairs;  down bells and up bells.  Lynn had watched all the videos so she was well prepared.
  • Stance, distance from the rope.
  • The rope tension exercise.
  • The handring exercise;  motion is slow when arms are up, fastest when arms are down, because that’s how the bell is moving then too (slow, then faster).
  • Pulling off.  Letting go high enough off the floor;  pulling fast but not hard;  smooth gentle pull;  feeling as the rope’s stretch is taken up, the bell comes off the stay, the bell approaches the balance, the bell crosses the balance.
  • Backstrokes alone.  Stance, again;  how much rope tail to have in hand;  the pause at the top is instantaneous, so turn the bell;  long straight pull.

Lynn’s next class is Sep15Sa.