All-day new ringers class · 2012Sep15Sa


Rob and Thomas taught new learner Lynn from 10:00am to 4:30pm.  Lynn progressed quickly and is thorough and determined.  She worked primarily on the 4 but also did everything on the 2 and 6.  She advanced to handstrokes alone by the end of the day.  Today’s long class was the equivalent of almost a month of one-hour classes as we did last for everyone last year.

Rob and Thomas alternated as primary instructor over the course of the day.  Having a second instructor was quite useful, as it gave us a second pair of eyes, a spotter for tricky steps like pulling off plus backstrokes alone, and someone to trot around to the thermostat in the chapel every 90 minutes when the timer turned off the A/C.  Rob also walked over to the nearby Publix to get sandwiches for all of us.

We incorporated a few new methods that the Washington DC teachers have been using, such as starting learners on handstrokes with the instructor lowering the bell to the point at which the handstroke disappears, and having the learner clap on the sally, then gradually raise the bell so the sally bobs and then rises while the student first pinches the sally briefly, then grasps with both hands, then starts to pull the emerging handstroke.

Next class for Lynn is Sep22Sa.


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