New ringers class · 2012Sep17Mo


Third class this time around for Carroll.

  • Pulling off.
  • Backstrokes alone.
  • Setting at back, and pulling off at back.
  • Handstroke intro with the bell half-raised:  first clapping on the sally, then pinching and releasing with thumb and forefinger, then grasping with both hands, then pulling, as the bell is progressively rung higher and higher by the instructor.
  • Handstrokes alone;  handstrokes when the bell has rung down a bit.
  • Backstrokes when the bell has rung down a bit.  This wasn’t successful, so Carroll worked on the first part of raising as an exercise for the ringing muscles, that is, raising until the ringer is flipping the wrists.  After two rounds of this, Carroll was too tired to keep good form, so class was adjourned.

Next class for Carroll is Sep21Fr.