New ringers class · 2012Sep21Fr


Fourth class this time round for Carroll.  We’re focusing on getting oomph into her backstrokes so she has it available when she needs it.  She struggles to get the bell ringing back up when it rings down, as bells tend to do.  This could well be why she was unable to sustain both strokes together last spring;  whenever she caught the sally too high and thus kept the bell from swinging up, she was often unable to get the bell ringing back up before inadvertently catching the sally too high again and bringing the bell down further.

  • Started from the beginning as usual:  pull-offs only, then backstrokes only, then handstrokes only.
  • Raising to develop ringing muscles seemed to help last time, so we’ll continue and increase that.  Today Carroll raised the 4 all the way up, and the 6 until the wrist flick then back down.
  • She is working on staying ahead of the bell all the way through her backstroke (so she can do work on the bell throughout), and on increasing the strength of her ringing muscles so she can accelerate enough at the bottom of each stroke.  She is also working on the wring-out : rotate forearms : shoulders back and down : shoulder blades together succession, in order to bring more muscles into play (and keep a vertical pull while doing so).
  • Unlike most learners, Carroll can put substantial oomph into her handstrokes, we learned today.  It isn’t a substitute for a strong backstroke, but it certainly will help.

Next class is Oct03We.