New ringers class · 2012Oct04Th

Fifth class this time round for Carroll.  She rang both strokes together effortlessly for the first time, a stage she had not been able to reach in the spring.  Well done, Carroll!  Items for improvement are:

  • Relaxing her left hand for the catch so all ten fingers grip the sally.  A sign that she has sufficiently relaxed will be when the tail lies across the sally, slanting from left to right, between her and the sally.
  • Follow through after every stroke, especially after every handstroke.  She should hear the thwack of the loop of rope on the floor after every stroke (unless she’s ringing the treble or the 2 whose ropes are not long enough for this to occur).
  • Keeping her right hand on her left between the release of the sally and the pickup of the tail.
  • Minimal horizontal motion while bringing her hands up for the catch.  A sign that her hands have too much horizontal-component motion is that the loop sways out like a lasso.

Next class for Carroll will be Oct09Tu.