Bellrope lengths remeasured

While waiting for other ringers to arrive at Early Practice, Nancy and Thomas raised all the bells, set them at back and then at hand, and measured the rope heights.

The bellrope heights have drifted somewhat since they were adjusted last April.  At that time the bottom of each sally was ~65″ above the floor set at hand, and each tail was ~76″ above the floor set at back.  Since then the ropes of the lighter bells have settled on their wheels up to 1¼” lower (or their sallies have eroded, for which there is no confirming evidence).  In addition, during the April Weekend of Ringing the visitors retucked rope tails before the two peal attempts, from 2¾” lower to 7″ higher.

Bell 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tail height set at back 73¼” 73¾” 73½” 79½” 74¾” 81½” 83″ 76″
Bottom of sally set at hand 63¾” 64¼” 64¼” 64¾” 64″ 64½” 65″ 65″

Now that the weather is starting to cool off and the bell chamber is not so stultifyingly hot (though it is still hot, even after sundown), and also because Pamela is encouraging Jody to start taking knots, we’ll readjust the ropes to be more even.

Current plan is to move all the ropes up to put the sallies at ~66″, so that our tallest ringer Ken is not going off the top of any rope’s sally, and the tails once again at ~76″ so that our shorter ringers do not need a box.


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