Whipping the 4’s rope

New whipping applied before cutting off eroded end of rope. Note that this rope had been tucked backwards, with the end pointing toward the tail.

The new rope end retucked. What had been the second whipping is now the whipping at the end, and the new whipping is now the second whipping from the end.

The end of the 4’s rope is turning to dust where it is tucked back through, as are the ends of most of the bellropes.  It looks as though two of the three strands have eroded completely through, and the third strand partway.  Thomas laid on a new whipping above the first two while waiting for the ringers to arrive for service ringing.  Next step is to cut off the old end and retuck the end between the two remaining whippings.

 Update:   Thomas cut the old rope end at the point where it had eroded almost through, and retucked the new rope end.

The original rope end had been tucked backward, with the end pointing toward the tail rather than toward the sally.  You can see this in the upper photo.  This made the rope end bend sharply at the tuck, increasing the strain there and speeding up the erosion. We need to check all the bellropes to see which way their ends are tucked.

The rope is now tucked in the correct direction, toward the sally, as shown in the lower photo.