New ringers class · 2012Oct23Tu

Three new ringers:  Carroll, Lynn, Nancy.  Nancy worked on her own on raising and lowering.  Carroll and Nancy alternated, 15 minutes at a time.

Seventh class this time round for Carroll.  She rings both strokes together reliably, but can’t set reliably yet.

  • Her motion is much faster at the bottom of each stroke.  Kudos to Carroll for weeks of hard work on this — it has paid off.
  • As a result, when her bell rings down she can send it back up to the balance with a single backstroke.
  • She often (though still not always) makes a quick pickup after her handstroke, before her hands have reached the bottom of the stroke.
  • She tends to throw out at waist level on both strokes.  Not sure what is causing this.
  • Her left hand still hangs on to the tail with her last two fingers, rather than with the crook of her thumb.  She is making slow progress towards fixing this.
  • When pulling off (though not on handstrokes), she still slides down the sally rather than grasping it firmly then releasing.

She needs to work on setting the bell, and reach the point of setting five times in a row, then ten times in a row.

Fourth class for Lynn, after two all-day classes and one Early Practice.  She started from the beginning, and by the end of the session was polishing her both-strokes-together form.  Each stroke individually is fine, but when combined she often has some problems:

  • She often forgets to follow through on the backstroke before her catch.
  • She tends to keep her arms straight during her handstroke in a chopping motion, rather than pulling the sally vertically.
  • As a consequence, when she releases the sally her hands don’t come clear of it.  She fumbles her pickup, the bight of the rope is all over the place, and it rises in a bundle rather than in a straight line.

When prompted (“follow through — elbows bent — follow through”) she does fairly well.