Service ringing · 2012Nov11Su

Wow.  Best ringing I’ve heard from the Miami band during the 14 months I’ve been here.  Having a steady visitor helped.  Well done, all!

Six ringers:  visitor Colin North from Aberdeen, Anne, Jim, Jody, Marguerite, Thomas.  Eight or nine ringers were forecast, but in the preceding 24 hours ringer after ringer found they would not be able to ring today.  We raised 1234, then as additional ringers arrived we raised the 5 and then the 6.

Before the ringing I took our visitor up to see the bells.  While there I saw that sometime In the past several days the large chunk of the thoroughly-rusted galvanized rain catcher that we’ve been keeping an eye on for about a year came down, landing on the awning and apparently making several small punctures.  The chunk is roughly 8″ square.

The work shifting the interior walls of the tower’s lower level, through which we enter, is now nearly complete.  Photos coming soon.


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