Rain awning torn by falling debris

The rain awning was torn last week by falling debris from the rusting galvanized gutter in the bell chamber.  The damage was first noticed before service ringing on Sunday.  The debris in question was the large hanging piece, about 8″ square, that had been dangling over the 2 and 3 since at least last November when I brought lights in to examine the state of the bells.  The tears ranged up to 2″ in length.

Carroll and I lowered the awning and carefully removed the fallen piece, which was so rusted that it broke into pieces as we touched it.  We also removed the rusted flakes, chips, and dust that had accumulated in the low spot of the awning.  We then made temporary patches of all the tears using duct tape and raised the awning back up.

The rusting galvanized gutter has to be taken down, or it will come down piece by piece.  Not all of the pieces will be as small as this one.


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