New ringers class · 2012Nov13Tu

Carroll worked on raising, setting, and good form.  She rings both strokes together reliably but with an awkward, difficult motion, and usually takes four strokes at least between sets.

  • She worked on holding the tail lightly in the crook of her left thumb, rather than gripping it tightly in her left hand fingers.  This is a challenge of long standing for Carroll, neglected while we focused on getting both strokes going together, and it will probably take long determined effort to root out the bad habit.
  • In the service of a fast followthrough and wrist flick, she has developed the habit of locking her wrists in line and her forearms together during her backstroke.  She needs to break this habit and develop a smoother, more flexible motion in order to be able to set the bell whenever she wishes.

Lynn worked on combining the two strokes.  She can ring every other handstroke, but when she tries to ring every handstroke the accumulated small problems at each stroke make the bell ring down.

  • Lynn raised a bell for the first time.  She will need to work on speeding up her followthrough enough to raise the bell past the horizontal;  it’s not quite there yet.
  • Lynn is developing a nice close rope motion, but still occasionally throws out.

During the class the whipping at the end of the 4’s rope came off, so we moved to the 2.  Carroll and I both noticed an odd vibration in the 2’s rope at the top of each stroke, so we adjourned class and climbed up to the bell chamber to look for loose nuts on the 2’s wheel or any other possible cause.  The two bolts where the spokes meet on each side of the wheel were loose, as is common in Miami where the humidity goes so far up and down, but that didn’t seem enough of a cause.  We tightened them anyway just in case.


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