New whipping for the 4’s rope

The last whipping on the 4’s rope came off yesterday.  We carefully rang the bell down.  This morning I put a new whipping on in its place so the bell would be ringable at tonight’s practice.

The whipping that came off appeared to be the inner of the two whippings put on at the factory.  I had noticed that a couple of these looked a bit loose, but figured the manufacturers knew what they were doing;  but apparently not in this case.

I twisted the strands back into an approximation of their original twist and tightness, and put on a replacement whipping.  It’s not possible to get the strands at the end of a rope back into their original twist and tightness, of course, but it was better than nothing.  In case this whipping comes off too, I put on a third whipping further in, so that in an emergency the rope can be retucked between the second and third whippings.

I looked at the other loose factory whipping, on the 6’s rope.  These are tied off with a large lumpy knot for some reason, and this knot can work out of the strands and come loose.  I tightened it as best I could and worked it back away from the end and out of the way.