Road closings for half-marathon Nov18Su

The Miami Beach “Latin Music” Half-Marathon will close roads and disrupt traffic Sunday morning.  Course map is below;  click it to jump to the full-size map on their web site.

It appears that the best approaches to the Cathedral will be:

  1. From South Beach:  across the Venetian Causeway for sure, and probably across I-395 (MacArthur Causeway).
  2. From everywhere else:  approach on I-195 heading east, take the Biscayne Blvd exit, and follow Biscayne Blvd south to the Cathedral.

Based on past experience they will probably block off the right lane of I-195 westbound (Julia Tuttle Causeway);  one lane of the exit onto Biscayne might be open, or the entire exit may be closed.

The first wave of runners will start at 6:45am in South Beach, with slower waves starting later.  The fastest runners will have long finished by 9:00am, but runners are being allowed 4 hours (!) to finish, so my estimate is that miles 7-13 of the course (2nd Ave NE, 13th St NE, and MacArthur Causeway) will still be closed at 9:00am and the approaches to the Cathedral across them from the west and south will be blocked.  You may be able to approach from the north and cross the course around Biscayne Blvd and I-195 by 9:00am, but this is not definite.