New ringers class · 2012Nov27Tu

Carroll worked on:

  • Good ringing form:  relaxing her left-hand grip on the tail so it rests in the fork of her thumb and crosses the sally during each handstroke, and fast complete follow-throughs after each stroke.
  • Relaxing.  Like every new ringer she is putting too much strength into every movement and then having to resist in the opposite direction.  She is working on relaxing, using the exact amount of oomph needed for every motion, and becoming more sensitive to where the bell is and what it’s doing.
  • Setting.  Carroll reached several milestones:  she set at hand immediately after setting at back, and set at back immediately after setting at hand, and set at hand three times running.
  • Raising and lowering.  She raised the 4 today but did not feel ready for lowering.

Carroll is nearly ready to begin ringing with the band!

Lynn worked on:

  • Raising.  She raised the 2 with help.  Her form is pretty good and she needs to raise at each class in order to strengthen her ringing muscles.
  • Ringing both strokes together.  She is working on ringing backstrokes with occasional handstrokes;  today she reached the level of ringing three handstrokes in succession (plus backstrokes) with one handstroke by the teacher, over and over.