Early Practice / Practice · 2012Dec05We

Early Practice.  Three ringers:  Carroll, Nancy, Thomas.  Rob arrived about two-thirds of the way through to make four.  We raised 123456.  Everyone worked on basic skills, then we rang rounds.  It was Carroll’s first time ringing rounds.

Practice.  Six ringers:  Anne, Carroll, Marguerite, Nancy, Rob, Thomas.

  • Rounds on Five with Carroll.  She did remarkably well.
  • Call Changes for four bells with tenor behind.  We made it through twelve changes, from rounds to back rounds and back to rounds.
  • Rounds on Six with Carroll.
  • Rang 3456 down in peal (Marguerite, Thomas, Rob, Anne).  We made it all the way down with only two or three strokes not in rounds;  best ever for the Miami tower.