New ringers class · 2012Dec06Th

Lynn:  working to get all the pieces reliable enough to ring both strokes together.  Lynn is currently very determined to work out the kinks in her motion, and that was the focus of today’s class.

  • Following through.  As with most learners, when she is under stress or thinking about something else, her followthroughs suffer.  Good followthroughs need to become a habit requiring no thought.
  • Vertical rope.  Like most learners, she is fighting a tendency to throw the rope out.  During her backstrokes she has a slight tendency to deviate outwards during the middle of the stroke, except when she is distracted or stressed and then occasionally keeps her arms extended throughout the stroke, in a wood-chopping motion.  It is frequently a problem for her handstrokes, when she often “pushes” the rope away (with her right hand only) as she completes her release.  This is probably connected with her difficulty keeping her hands together after the release.
  • Releasing the sally soon enough.  She often holds on too long, though usually only slightly too long, just enough to interrupt her motion and prevent her from finishing up with a fast followthrough.
  • Keeping hands together.  She is pretty reliable at keeping her hands in contact before the catch, but much less reliable after the catch.  When her hands separate before the catch, she usually fumbles the catch or at best gets both hands on the sally but with fingers of her two hands interlaced.
  • Pointing the rope toward the floor at the end of each followthrough.  This is the first thing that goes out the window when she is under stress.
  • Keeping the line through the hands vertical.  She is pretty good at this now.

She worked on raising also, both to acquire that skill and to strengthen her ringing muscles.  Her ringing motion is not really fast enough at the bottom of each stroke.  We hope that strengthening the muscles involved will help.  She tried to raise the 2, 4, and then 6 but was unable to raise any of them unassisted.

Lynn mentioned that she has started feeling her shoulders get involved in the ringing motion, rolling forward and back.  This should help everything.