New ringers class · 2012Dec18Tu

Last class until the new year.

During today’s class, the two learners each made a knot in a coil somehow while raising;  most unusual to have this happen twice in a row.

Carroll:  Working on raising, lowering, and ringing form.  Carroll is not ready to take coils safely while lowering a bell:  her right hand isn’t coming down to the pickup quickly enough for her to get set for taking a coil.  She needs to speed up her right hand motion so she has both hands on the tail securely in time to set up for taking a coil.  We’ll work on that.

Her raising and general ringing form are going well.  She is working on ironing out some kinks in her motion;  she had had a tendency to spontaneously come up with some extreme alignments, such as bringing her forearms together at the beginning of the backstroke and trying to keep them there throughout the stroke, that are not helpful.  Overall her control, motion, and ringing are good.

Lynn:  She is working on ringing both strokes together.  Some small problems in her motion are keeping this from being successful.  Like most learners, she tends to let her bell ring down when she combines her strokes, so we are polishing out the problems in her handstroke (mostly) so that the bell stays up.  One such issue is the same as Carroll’s, namely making the pickup sooner.  Her raising is going well.